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Richard Wagner


In the words of Opern Welt, Sinopoli “conjures up sounds of exquisite beauty and compelling poignancy.” Wolfgang Wagner’s production emphasizes the celebratory character of the libretto, which harmonizes superbly with Sinopoli’s insistence on the poetry and mystery of the music. A major role in the staging is played by the lighting, which is used to create stunning effects such as the diffuse play of light and shadow at the illumination of the Holy Grail. One of the production’s most striking moments occurs when the director has Kundry unveil the Grail instead of dying. She thus takes full part in the Grail ceremony, displaying a feminism which, in the Bayreuth context, is truly revolutionary.

Composer: Richard Wagner
Title: Parsifal
Conductor: Giuseppe Sinopoli
Staged By: Wolfgang Wagner
Soloist: Ekkehard Wlaschiha, Falk Struckmann, Hans Sotin, Linda Watson, Poul Elming
Set: Wolfgang Wagner
Orchestra: Bayreuther Festspiele
Video Director: Horant H. Hohlfeld
Genre: Opera
Length: 235 minutes
Cat.No.: A05011521

Bayreuth 1998, live